The Apple Watch to buy this year

​Don't settle for the less expensive models this year. Here's why.

Inside the Apple Watch Series 9 is the S9 chip which makes the popular smartwatch faster, smarter, and better at reading your body signals. This makes this year's Apple Watch Series 9 a generational step up. So, if you're in the market for an Apple Watch right now, we’d specifically recommend getting the Series 9.

What are the best features of the Apple Watch Series 9? 

More accurate and more sensitive health tracking -- The Apple Watch remains a health and safety device above all else, and the new S9 chip inside the Apple Watch Series 9 makes it smarter and more accurate than ever. That was my unequivocal conclusion from two months of wearing the Series 9 on one arm and wearing last year's Apple Watch Ultra on the other arm and comparing the data they captured and the responsiveness of their health sensors. (Remember that the original Apple Watch Ultra from 2022 has the same base technology and sensors as last year's Apple Watch Series 8.)  

Brighter display for outdoor use -- This year's Apple Watch Series 9 display has increased its peak brightness from 1000 nits to 2000 nits. This matches the brightness of last year's Apple Watch Ultra (while the Ultra 2 has increased to 3000 nits this year). This makes the Apple Watch even better to use in full sunlight, especially for outdoor activities like running, walking, hiking, cycling, and sports. At the same time, the display can now also dim down to 1 nit so that the always-on display draws less power. 

True full-day battery life -- The biggest surprise of the Apple Watch Series 9 is the fact that the battery life has improved significantly, even though it has a brighter display and a new, more powerful processor. Apple rated the Series 9 as having the same battery life as the Series 8 -- 18 hours (and 36 hours in low-power mode). 

New double-tap gesture -- The more advanced S9 processor in the Apple Watch Series 9 has also enabled a new double-tap gesture that allows you to more easily operate the watch with one hand. For example, if you have an incoming phone call and your hands are full and you want to answer it with your watch, then you can raise your wrist and double tap your thumb and forefinger together. 

Final thoughts 

Because of the generational technology leap with the Series 9, We’d recommend getting this model this year rather than the Apple Watch SE or the previous Series 8 or Series 7 models that you can still buy -- since the Series 9 technology will remain current for longer and is likely to benefit from future software upgrades for longer. The more sensitive and accurate health tracking sensors make previous Apple Watches feel outdated by comparison. 



LTPO OLED, 396 by 484 pixels, 2000 nits brightness


Apple S9 SiP, 64-bit dual-core, 4-core Neural Engine 




Up to 18-hour lithium-ion battery (36 hours in low power mode) 


GPS, compass, altimeter, high-dynamic-range gyroscope, high-G accelerometer (up to 250G with crash detection), ambient light sensor, blood oxygen sensor, electrical heart sensor, body temperature sensor 


Wi-Fi 4, Bluetooth 5.3, LTE (cellular model only), W3 wireless chip, second generation U1 ultrawideband chip, Emergency SOS satellite connectivity, international emergency calling 

Case materials and colors

 Aluminum: Midnight, Starlight, Silver, Pink, (PRODUCT)RED | Stainless steel: Graphite, Silver, Gold, Space Black (Hermès only) 


IP6X dust-resistant water-resistant to 50 meters 


41mm: Aluminum (32.1g), Stainless steel (42.3g) | 45mm: Aluminum (38.7g), Stainless steel (51.5g) 


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